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Mais forte e respeitado

Monitoring and Control


What is the CGU and what does it do?

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Along with its monitoring activities – of all Federal and State  Agencies – the CGU also monitors the execution of Federal Government programs, such as Bolsa Família, Saúde da Família and Minha Casa, Minha Vida  The CGU also monitored and the investments for the World Cup.  In addition, it monitors all legal processes against public servants in every Ministry, to assure rigorous investigations.   From 2003 to June 2014, 4,847 Federal Public Service were discharged because they were involved in some kind of irregularity- and of these 3,078 (63%) were expelled for corruption.

Over 10 years, more than 4,500 public service workers were discharged from public service.

The CGU is also involved in the application of sanctions against corrupt companies, which are forbidden to have direct contacts with Public Service workers.  A complete list of those involved is available to any citizen via the National Register of Companies Suspended for Illegal Activities (CEIS).

National Regestry of Companies Suspended for Illegal Activies (CEIS).

Comic books teach ethical values and citizenship to children

A Joint Project of the CGU with the Instituto Maurício de Souza, is the “One for All and All for One! For Ethics and Citizenship!”  teaches young children about the fight against corruption  Photo: One for All and All for One!/divulgação


In a single year, the Federal Attorney General’s Office collected and returned R$ 468 million in stolen funds to the Public Coffers

Beginning with the Lula Administration, The Federal Attorney General’s Office (AGU) assumed the role of the legal arm of the Federal Government in the battle to control corruption.  Between 2010 and 2013, the AGU judged more than 8000 actions to recover public funds that had been stolen.  In 2013 alone, 2,109 actions to combat corruption, and protect public assets through the recovery of credits and assets in the amount of R$ 1.05 billion in total.

In 2012, the AGU recovered for the public coffers around R$ 468 million taken from the construction of the headquarters office building of the Regional Court of Labor (TRT) of São Paulo, and achieved the repatriation of US$6.8 million from the bank accounts of former Judge Nicolau dos Santos Neto, in Switzerland.

Link to the AGU site.