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Mais forte e respeitado

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High technology used against corruption

Learn about the ust of the latest generation of equipment in a report in the newspaper O Globo

Stronger and better equipped, the Polícia Federal invested in structuring a specific area to combat fraud and corruption.  In 2012 alone, 17 special police stations were created to fight corruption and theft of public funds.  More than 2000 public officials were arrested by the PF between 2003 and 2014. In 2013, investigation of white-collar crime exceeded charges against drug trafficking and smuggling. At the end of 2013, contracts being investigated by the PF total more than R$ 15.59 billion in public funds.

The Public Prosecutor's Office becomes more independent and no longer assumes an attitude of protecting political allies

To assure an effective battle against corruption, Lula and Dilma guarantee broad economy of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

In the past, the attorneys general of the Republic were personally chosen by the President, without taking into account the opinion of the members of the Public Prosecutor's Office, which led to the nomination of the celebrated “General Filing Clerk” In the Fernando Henrique government. And governments that are Democratic and broad-based, nominations began to be made from a list of three nominees presented by the members of the office. Lula and Dilma always chose the nominee most favored by his colleagues.