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Food Purchasing Programs


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Incentives for storage and marketing

Better yields and higher quality

In 2009, the Family Farm Program also began providing food for public schools. Law 11,947/09 provides that at least 30% of the funds of the National School Meal Program (PNAE) must be used for the purchase of family farm production, primarily by settlers from land reform and traditional indigenous and quilombola communities. In 2012 alone, family farmers sold R$ 308 million to the PNAE. The law says that foodstuffs must be bought, whenever possible, in the same municipalities where the schools are located. This is good for the farmers, who have guaranteed sales at a fair price, and for students, who receive healthier meals.Government purchases of food from family farmers has become the source of healthier meals for thousands of children in the countryside. Photo: Eduardo Aigner/MDA

The program is a model for African countries

The success of the program has led it to cross Brazil’s borders and become a prototype for African countries. Five countries on that continent have chosen the PAA model — which was named “Purchase from Africa for Africans” and 125,000 students are being benefited with the provision of food purchased by the African governments from more than 5,000 farmers

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