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Livestock-Raising Support


The meat chain of production involves turnover of R$ 167.5 bi and generates 7 million jobs

Brazil has posted excellent results in the beef cattle segment. In 2013, the gross value of beef production was R$ 51.1 billion, second only to soybeans.  Meat production chain turnover is some R$ 167.5 billion a year, generating about 7 million jobs. Exports are up every year, and are shipped to an increasing number of markets. In 2012, Brazil exported to 142 countries. This gain came about through achievements obtained by protecting agriculture, such as zones considered free of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD).

Dairy cattle raising heats up economies of small and medium-sized backcountry cities

Gross output of the Brazilian dairy farm segment in 2013 was R$ 22.9 billion, contributing mainly to the economies of small and medium-sized cities. According to the latest agricultural census (IBGE, 2006), 5.2 million farms exist in Brazil, of which 25% (approximately 1.35 million) produce milk, involving about 5 million people.

• Where there is agribusiness there’s quality and sanitation