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O povo em primeiro lugar

This time its the Woman’s turn


Women's Revolution

One of the many myths overturned by the 10 years of the Bolsa Família program was that benefits would encourage women to have more children.
On the contrary: the number of beneficiaries using birth control methods increased. The 22,000 and 2010, the fecundity rate for women fell in all social classes, but the women and the poorest group showed a reduction of 30% in the average number of children, while the national average was 20.17%.

Regular access income contributed to helping confront their historic submission to their husbands. Academic studies .23 principal impacts of the income transfer program on the social position of women: an interest in purchasing power, and affirmation of authority in the domestic environment and the perception of being, at last, a citizen of Brazil.

Former beneficiary, Leila Rodrigues received training to enter the labor market and increased the income of the entire family Photo: Eduardo Aigner/MDS