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The Time for Regional Press

Just as the use of federal government funds for publicity has become regionalized, access to the press gained the same advantages. Through the Secretary of Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic (Secom) began to respond directly to regional vehicles.

This was the case of the “Coffee with the President” and the weekly column that President Lula, and now President Dilma use to respond directly to questions from readers of regional newspapers. Secom now organizes interviews with local radios for all of the trips that Lula and Dilma take around the country.

The Lula and Dilma administrations also elevated in the use of digital media, with the creation of the Blog do Planalto and the Portal Brasil, in addition to the institutional profiles of the Presidency of the Republic in social media such as Twitter and Facebook. The relationship of communicators and this field also started in this period. In an historic event, Lula in the first press conference two independent bloggers in the Palácio do Planalto.

Brazil in the International media

The PT governments also created a special adviser take care of the foreign press. This means that Brazil is able to show the international media in a more efficient way the progress and the challenges of a country that has become a protagonist in the world economic and political sphere.

Secom organized international press conferences for various ministers of state. In partnership with Embratur, it also organized various press trips (guided trips for journalists), for presenting the natural and cultural attractions of Brazil.

It is with actions like these that the Lula and Dilma administrations have improved the image of Brazil abroad, contributing to the increase in interest in our country – which translates into more tourists, more foreign investment and the greater insertion in the international arena.