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Workers receive benefits for the consumption of cultural goods

The Culture-Voucher program injects an estimated R$ 25 billion into the economyThe Culture-Voucher program was created in 2013 to further democratize access to culture.

The Culture-Voucher is a monthly benefit of R$ 50 granted to workers earning up to five minimum wages, to be exclusively used for consumer products and cultural goods such as plays, movies, museum exhibitions, shows, concerts, the circus, CDs, DVDs, musical instruments, books, magazines and newspapers.

The benefit can also be used to pay tuition for fine arts, audiovisual, dance, circus, photography, music, literature or theater courses. If the employee chooses not to use all the money in the same month, the credit is accrued and never expires. Those who join the program obtain a maximum 10% payroll withholding discount (R$ 5).


Culture-Voucher could inject R$ 25 billion in the production chain

According to the Ministry of Labor, 42 million Brazilian workers earn up to five minimum wages, the target audience of the Culture-Voucher program. Based on an estimate by the Ministry of Culture, Culture may see more than R$ 25 billion injected into its supply chain. In addition to ensuring access to theaters, cinemas, museums, libraries etc. by those who have improved their lifestyles but still could not attend these and other cultural facilities, the Culture-Voucher helps drive an important sector of the Brazilian economy.

Data released by the Ministry of Culture shows that, through July 2014, 4,855 companies had already registered as beneficiaries of the Culture-Voucher program. This means that more than 700,000 workers can now be awarded the benefit.