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O povo em primeiro lugar

My House, but Better


A new meaning for the right to housing

With My Better House, the right to housing has gained new meaning, now also understood as access to the comfort and conveniences of modern life. Every housewife knows how much time she can save through by installing a washing machine or a microwave oven for day-to-day tasks. The children’s school work improves with a desktop or notebook computer. Gathering the family to watch a movie or a new soap opera episode becomes even more pleasurable on a digital television screen. Not to mention the pleasure of having a new house and new furniture. And without speaking of the joy of furniture and appliance shopkeepers and manufacturers at selling more and hiring additional workers, creating extra jobs and income.

The loans can be contracted in the branches of the Caixa. Or, it’s even easier through a telephone hotline (0800 728 8068). After receiving a card at home, purchases can be made in more than 27,000 authorized stores. It is important that families that sign up for the My Better House card be careful to check prices and bargain to obtain a lower price, because the stores have signed a commitment to offer a discount of at least 5% to them.

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Beneficiary buys a stove, refrigerator, digital TV, tablet, notebook…