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The Federal Government, states, municipalities, businessmen and workers united by development

PAC's success is not just represented by its partnership with the private sector, but also with state and municipal governments, irrespective of party acronyms. The program benefits all regions. States and municipalities participate in the selections of projects such as sanitation, day care centers and kindergartens, mobility, paving and water supply, among others, which are analyzed according to criteria of relevance and social vulnerability of the local population.

The funds can come from the Federal Budget, financing by public and private sectors and counterparty funds released by governors and mayors. As Lula said in 2010, the PAC program is a "well-meaning brotherhood" of the federal government with the states, municipalities, the business community and workers.

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Program concluded R$ 1.5 trillion in projects, equivalent to the GDP of Spain

From 2007 to April 2014, the PAC spent about R$ 1.5 trillion on its projects, an amount similar to the GDP of Spain. In its first four years, during the Lula government investments for the program's projects totaled R$ 619 billion. And even before completing three years of its second stage (PAC 2), amount reached R$ 871.4 billion, equivalent to 84.6% of the total for the 2011-2014 period. In addition to direct investment from the Federal Budget (OGU), among others, the PAC program receives funding through state companies and the private sector. Of the R$ 871.4 billion in PAC 2, R$ 231.4 billion was through state companies and R$ 168.5 billion from the private sector.

Taxa de investimento do setor público cresceu 48% com o PAC

Among other things, the program completed 3,003 km of highways, with 7,357 km still under construction; has 2,545 km of railways under construction; 23,712 MW added to power generating facilities; 19,333 km of new transmission lines; and 24 new projects at airports.

10th PAC 2 Balance Sheet: R$ 871 billion in infrastructure and quality of life, from North to South of Brazil

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PAC: R$ 708 billion

The PAC is engaged in more than 30,000 projects around Brazil. The value foreseen for investing in jobs completed by December 2014 is R$ 708 billion, which is approximately the GDP of a country like Saudi Arabia.