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New technologies reduce impacts on the environment

Behind the PAC projects are large investments in new technologies, research and innovation. The result is the emergence of machinery, equipment and solutions that increase the project execution speed and reduce the impact on the environment and people's lives. To ensure speedy but safe construction of the BR-163/364 road in Mato Grosso, for example, we developed a building method called a Wind Tunnel, consisting of a PVC inflated cover that permits work continuity even on rainy days.

A PVC "Wind Tunnel" has allowed continuation of works on the BR 163/364 highway in Mato Grosso even during wet periods Photo: Disclosure PAC 2

During the expansion of the Trensurb project in Novo Hamburgo (RS), to avoid inconvenience in traffic from the city center, two machines are tasked for the construction work without having to close the streets: the Mammoth and the Grasshopper. The Mammoth was used to place slabs on the sides of the track. Operated by four workers, a hook is lowered, picks up a piece available in a truck and raises it into position on the rail line side. The Grasshopper, operated by six workers, carries parts for assembling the rails, supporting up to six and a half tons in weight.

Meet the “super machines” especially developed for PAC: http://www.pac.gov.br/i/22a0ca0f