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Water Resources


The São Francisco Integration construction process speeds up

Projeto de integração do Rio São Francisco

Beside the São Francisco Integration Project, the PAC program also involves large water resource structural works. In addition to the São Francisco initiatives, another R$ 33 billion is earmarked to ensure that long awaited water security is finally implemented in the Northeast.

The PAC investments in the construction of water mains, treatment plants and reservoirs are made in partnership with state and local governments and the private sector. From 2007 to 2009, the program contracted R$ 9.3 billion to implement 3,045 projects, which will extend and improve water supply systems of 1,596 municipalities in 26 states and the Federal District. By June 2014, more than 1,077 water supply projects in urban areas were selected, of which 66% have already been hired out to contractors. For these actions, which will benefit 921 municipalities in 26 states and the Federal District, investments will be total R$ 11.1 billion.

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