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98% of information requests were answered

In two years, there have been more than 200,000 requests for access to information. Of this total, about 98% were answered, and the average response time was just 13 days. The central philosophy of the law is: "Access to information is the rule; secrecy is the exception." The citizen does not need to justify the request. After all, the information belongs to society rather than the State.

If the requested information is denied and the citizen does not agree with the decision, he can to appeal and ask for a reassessment. The LAI offers up to four levels of appeals that can be requested in person or through the Internet.

To learn more: http://www.acessoainformacao.gov.br/

Through the Transparency Portal, citizens know where public money is going

Even before the enactment of the Access to Information Act, the Brazilians already were able to follow, via the Transparency Portal, all expenses incurred by the federal government. In a single year (2013), the website, which is updated daily, received 11 million visits.

Without passwords or any identification, citizens can search and monitor how the government uses public money: from the value of the travel per diems paid to public servants to financial disbursements to honor contracts and agreements; from the situation of government housing properties through to expenditures for the World Cup; from the amount collected by the government to the names of companies barred from signing contracts with public entities due to irregularities such as offering a bribe.

To learn more: http://www.portaltransparencia.gov.br/