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Mais forte e respeitado


The discovery of Africa by Brazil

The Brazilian diplomatic agenda in Africa today reflects the importance of the continent to the identity of our country  Photo: Ricardo Stuckert / PR

The Atlantic Ocean is no longer enough to separate Brazil from Africa. Since 2003, Lula began a process of rapprochement, as intense as it was unprecedented, with countries from all regions of the continent.  After 33 presidential trips and opening 19 new embassies, Brazil's relations with the governments and peoples of Africa is no longer just a sequence of isolated incidents and now occupies in the Brazilian diplomatic schedule a space proportional to the importance of Africa to our history, our culture and our identity.

In 2013, Brazil forgave $ 900 million of external debt of 12 African nations. The debts were old and prevented the Brazil from expanding trade with those countries. Forgiveness opened the way for the realization of new business.