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Mais forte e respeitado

Peace and Solidarity

Brazilian military presence in Haiti aids in reconstruction

Brazilian military embarked for Haiti on a UN peacekeeping mission  Photo: Jose Cruz / Brazil Agency  

Solidarity. This is one of the motivations that has driven Brazilian foreign policy since the beginning of the Lula government. A motivation that was not limited to the world of ideas or the field of good intentions, but that materialized into practical action, with concrete results, such as the military presence prior to the United Nations peace mission in Haiti, in 2004.

The mission, that has since then avoided conflict between armed groups and helps maintain a minimum of stability, was essential in the reconstruction of Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 killed more than 200,000 people and nearly destroyed the poorest country of the Americas.

Against war, dialogue

With the feeling and conviction that it was possible to avoid war, Brazilian diplomacy and President Lula himself joined the government of Turkey and surprised the world. Through dialogue, Brazilian and Turkish diplomats succeeded, in 2010, what seemed impossible: Iran agreed to send lightly enriched its uranium stocks to receive additional levels of enrichment in other countries, up to 20%, so they could be used for research and medical treatments.

The agreement was not successful because the United States and the European powers, unhappy because they were kept in the background, chose to continue and increase economic sanctions on Iran.