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Education and Health


Victory for the Brazilian people

In 2007, the opposition to the Lula Government celebrated the defeat of 140 million Brazilians who depend on the Single Health System (SUS). When they overturned the Financial Transactions Tax (CPMF), the anti-Lula parties produced the level of funding for the Ministry of Health by R $ 40 billion per year.

Royalties for education: knowledge – which took us to the pre-salt - creating more and more knowledge Photo: MEC

Since then, public health lost around R$ 250 billion that would have been received from the CPMF. Not until now, thanks to the law that provides the sector with 25% of the royalties from petroleum, did the public health system find another important source of financing. A victory for the Brazilian people, most of all for those who fight for universal and quality health care.

Savings for social areas and the fight against poverty

In addition to the royalties for health and education, the legislation proposed by Lula and Dilma created the Pre-Salt Social Fund. This is a form of savings for the future. Part of the funds from the exploration of the pre-salt will be devoted to the Sovereign Fund, whose earnings will provide funding for investments in programs and projects to combat poverty and fund development of social projects.

Until the goals established by the National Education are achieved, 50% of the funds received by the Social Fund will be devoted to education and health. The remainder of the funds will be used for other strategic areas such as, culture, sports, science and technology, the environment and the adaptation to climate change.

Additional funding will begin in 2014

In 2014, education health will begin to receive additional funding of R $1.81 billion thanks to the pre-salt. In 2015, it is expected that R $3.04 billion in additional funding will arrive, a number that will almost double with funding of R $ 5.74 billion in 2016. In 2018, this amount will reach almost R $13 billion. In total, by 2022 the exploration of the pre--salt levels will guarantee an investment of almost R $112 billion for education and health.